Creativity for the Good

What is that you ask? It is a wind turbine. If you are from Southern California and found yourself driving through the dessert you might see some things like this…

Palm Springs, California

wind turbines 2

The green shaped leaves are small wind turbines. A wind turbine is a device that converts the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical power. Wind turbines are manufactured in a wide range of vertical and horizontal axis types.They are small enough to fit in your backyard and can harness winds as low as 4.5 mph.┬áThe difference between conventional turbines and these is they are able to operate with light breezes.newwind

The Tree Vent made by French Company NewWind. According to U.S. Energy Information Administration, here are some stats that show how effective this Tree Vent is for the United States energy averages

  • Average for U.S. Family 901kWh per month
  • 30.3 kWh per day
  • 1.25 per hour

Each tree can generate 3.5 kw of energy – enough to power a house for a family of 4 for french standards. About 2 hours for a American family of 4. It is definitely not enough to sustain an American household. But just because it isn’t enough doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider it.

It is better to do something about it than to not do anything at all.

wind turbines 3


In my opinion this is an example of using creativity for the greater good. It might be unnoticeable to the eye at first but once you realize it is there it makes you think. People would consider this be modern art and good for urban areas. Already there has been 40 units installed in Paris.wind turbines

Creativity is useful ANYWHERE!

I strive to be apart of a project that drives people to think about life and the little but beautiful things we can do to make it better. Whether it be taking second hand clothes and adding a few changes to make it new again or taking textiles and making insulation with it. Or designing a small house that is portable and is fully sustainable on its own. With good design and a good idea anything can be possible.

What motivates your creativity?



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