Vintage Inspiration to Modern Marvel

The word vintage is a word I often hear when it comes to fashion. According to Merriam Webster, the definition of Vintage is majorly about wine. However, the last definition it notes is a period of origin or manufacture.

I stumbled upon this video about how cosmetic companies used to make their press powder. Essentially, there would be a specialist who would custom blend the color for a client and mix it using various different available colors. The video was noted for 1958 (it is now 2017) which is approximately 59 years ago!

About a week ago, I stumbled upon this video about a current make-up company available in New York City that will blend your own custom make-up. They note in the video that “custom-blend” is the future of cosmetics. This caters to clients specific wants and desires when it comes to their own make-up.

Can we look into the past for inspiration for the future?

Kitchen of Tomorrow – Here is a theatrical version of what visionaries thought kitchens of the future were going to be like. Limited by the technology of the time, we can see how there were exaggerations as to what would really be possible or necessary. I found that this display was featured in the Tomorrow land exhibit in Disneyland!

This is our current perception of we believe the kitchen of tomorrow would look like.

It is still uncertain as to what society will accept as the future. As far as cameras inside our fridge or having very personal details stored within an appliance in our kitchen. Will this be acceptable in the future.

Would you buy any of these products?

I do see the value in researching the past to get a better perspective of the future. Creativity is not just an innovative idea. But an idea that can derive from an old thought.

But do vintage cars ever go out of style?


What do you think? What thing from the past inspires you?


  1. Chun-Chieh Lin

    That’s the thing about visual trends, it always seems to come back after a certain period of time, like I remember how the classic polka dots patterns in fashion kind of died out for a while before it’s popular again and you see them almost everywhere, the 80’s fashion for wearing leggings as pants made a huge comeback, not to mention the boho and hippie influenced fashion worldwide even to Asia, and also the vintage and retro filters on every camera app.

    My take on the technological part is definitely our future as we humans want things more personalized for our own use (like our best friend the smartphone). But I can totally see how the two concept of modern vs. vintage being merged to create that new sophisticated “modern vintage” taste. I’m thinking of the camera industry today with many vintage style designs.

    Thanks for sharing! Love the articles, as always ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trinamabunay

      Thank you!!! ❤ I agree, that the future is all about personalization. What are things in your life that you like getting personalized? I enjoy making my own food! Like… burritos, poke bowl, ice cream, salads, and the list goes on! What a time to be alive =)


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