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Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like

bruno-mars-albumAfter Bruno Mars 24k Magic album was released on November 18th, 2016. I couldn’t help but listen to the whole album, over and over again. To the point where the words in the songs were so vivid in my mind.

On March 1st, 2017 he released his That’s What I like video. The simplicity of the video made it that much more exciting to watch. After all the repeated times listening to the song I didn’t think of how I would see it visually. Until I saw the video… WOW… for being a growing videography buff, I really do appreciate all the work that goes into producing a video. There are so many creative ways to express a song and I think this version was amazing!

Here are some things I thought about:

  • They probably shot the video, with the music slower so that Bruno could really articulate the moves he does.
    • Being and ex-dancer, I can tell he has skills but some of those moves might not be possible at the speed he was going.
    • I think this was smart and added a cool vibe to the movements
    • As any modern girl who can explain how to get the best selfie would say…Lighting is everything!
    • The lighting on the set is the only thing that is actively changing when they shot Bruno dancing.
      • It gave off the mood, Bright = energetic , Darker = slower parts of the song, romantic
  • Style
    • Does he always wear silk? #goals
    • Bold print = Good contrast
“Jump in the Cadillac (Girl, let’s put some miles on it)”

After the original fan girl excitement wore off, the nerdiness kicked it. I wondered what type of programs were used to create the video. And whatever they used I want to learn it!

I wonder how they planned the execution of this video. Did Bruno have to learn choreography? Or did he just freestyle and the editing was applied after? How Bruno was dancing in the video is usually how he dances when he performances. It was hard to tell, but I think that’s what makes him such a real artist!
This video made me realize how much I am enlightened by Video Editing. Last semester, I was inspired to learn different applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. After attending Adobe Max I told myself to learn one application at a time. Currently, I am still exploring Premiere Pro but am very excited to move on to Adobe After Effects. I can see how I some of these effects in the video  would be possible in Premiere Pro, but I wonder if it is easier to replicate in After Effects?

It’s amazing how we think we only use one sense such as sound when we are listening to music. Even my boyfriend said the visuals In the video were exactly what he pictured when he heard the song before. I believe that Art can be anything and it takes a lot of thought, planning and creativity to be able to concoct a video as simple and dynamic as That’s What I like


  1. narami

    I think they shot the video with him dancing at the song (as it is) and then sped up some fractions on editing for the cool ‘speedy’ effect. Is that what you mean? I honestly don’t think he would dance better by slowing down. This is a guy that imitated MJ for a living, he doesn’t need to slow down to pop & block like a master.

    He doesn’t always wear silk. But, allegedly has a silk wardrobe section. I mean, you asked, I answer.

    I missed more of his face in this video. There are some lyrics where I would’ve loved to have more close ups of his beautiful features, but I think they were avoiding a more romantic approach. It gives me that vibe when he never took off his glasses, that maybe they wanted a more fun thing, instead of an intimate moment. (Hopefully will get that in another video for another album song.)l

    As a Puerto Rican, I will also resent the donkey in the trips to Puerto Rico line for ever and ever. We don’t have donkeys video team! I mean, we do, but only in like zoo environments. I would love to have an edit program and take the donkey out and put a jet sky in just to fix it for a second.

    Cool post 🙂 Have a great day!

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  2. trinamabunay

    Thank you so much for commenting @Narami I agree the mans got skills. I also think he imitated Elvis in an act with his family. How do you know he has a silk wardrobe section?

    I feel like a lot of his videos the camera is further away from him. Perhaps if he make s video about “Versace on the Floor” it will be up close and personal for ya!

    What did you love about this video?

    Have an amazing day!<3

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    1. narami

      I only just saw this, (thanks for the follow Btw 🙂 so: yes, he did Elvis in Hawaii and appears in Honeymoon in Vegas doing it. So cute!

      He said in an interview that his clothes weren’t from costume dept but from his personal closet, silk section. I thought he was kidding at the time but after a few more appearances, I think he might actually have a silk section. He is ALWAYS joking in interviews so it’s really hard to know some things.

      I agree, they keep that camera too far from the perfection of that face! He doesn’t have a bad angle, get in there camera crew!

      I loved the dancing. He is an amazing dancer and hadn’t really featured that before in a video, so that.
      Will be following you, so looking forward to read more!

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